I am Anna and my goal is to create meaningful moments between people and promote quality relationships. I love spending my time helping teams to be more effective, efficient and happy. 

I am a certified ACC Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation). I am specialized in Systemic Team Coaching, and I am in continuous training to expand my knowledge and keep myself updated. I also have a Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual Communication, postgraduate in International Project Management and Master’s degree in Management development, emotional intelligence & coaching.

I am a happy, conscious and transparent person; I like to take responsibility for my actions. I don’t like to do things “because everyone does it that way”. I like to ask myself the why of things. I love traveling and learning about new cultures through experience. I am a lover of team sports and the sea is my place to reconnect.

My life map


Coaching has helped me and helps me to enhance my abilities, to make decisions in critical moments, to better manage complicated situations, to get to know myself a bit better... eventually, to take charge of my own life!